The Springing Sexy Back Cleanse – Guided by Lil Miss Wellness

Justin107Hey there sexy. I’m thinkin its about time to SPRING SEXY BACK! We do deep cleaning at home each spring. We get the dirt and grime out and let some fresh air in.  Just the same way our home gets caked up with dust and dirt, our bodies struggle with a similar issue.

Winter is often a time of over indulgence. Holiday gatherings tempt us with extra sweets and booze. The cold weather makes us want to stay in and curl up on the couch to copious amounts of pizza, beer, and netflix. Eventually, our digestive system can get sluggish. We pack on a few extra pounds, our skin can begin to look dull, and our liver and kidneys become overloaded from working so hard to filter out all the gunk. Thats why, this time the SPRING CLEANING is going to take place in our bodies! Thats right.


DIRTY BABE. THIS CLEANSE IS NOT A TIME FOR YOU TO MISBEHAVE. (Sorry for borrowing your beats Justin.  I at least had the decency to change up the lyrics a bit)

I know cleanses can be a little intimidating but –  Have no fear, Lil Miss Wellness is Here.. to guide you through this. There are 4 cheat days included for the sake of your survival. Participants have the option of signing up for my Text Message Motivational/Accountability Package (limited to 10 participants). The package costs $25 and includes secret tips, recipes, grocery shopping secrets, customized motivation and accountability, and unlimited answers to all of your cleansing questions.

To register for the Motivational/Accountability package:

  • email with subject line: Springing Sexy Back Cleanse. Payment options include: check, money order, and paypal.


Duration: 4 Weeks (28 days)

The No No List

DP - the anatomy of a binge

  • No refined carbohydrates (this means no bread or pasta except for the approved pasta substitutes)
  • No rice
  • No sweets (No Refined Sugar)
  • No refined/oxidized oils (this includes canola oil, sunflower, safflower, most olive oils, etc) There are a few approved oils.
  • No meat
  • No dairy
  • No roasted nuts/seeds or nut butters
  • No Alcohol

The Approved Listunnamed

  • All Fruits
  • All Vegetables
  • Virgin Unrefined Oils: Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Red Palm Oil (make sure you get the unrefined versions of these oils. I highly recommend you get the glass jars as opposed to plastic as they can leach harmful cancer causing chemicals into your food)
  • Carbs: Sweet potatoes, red skin potatoes, quinoa, Food For Life Sprouted Corn Tortillas, Explore Asian Pastas (these are made with beans), homemade zucchini noodle pasta (easy to make with a spiralizer)
  • Raw nuts and seeds
  • Raw nut butters
  • Beans and Lentils
  • coffee (in moderation/organic cold brew preferred)
  • tea

The Cheat Days! 

  • A total of 4 cheat days allowed within the 28 day cleansing period

The purpose of The Springing Sexy Back Cleanse is to detox our systems and give our organs a rest. It’s designed to get us back to eating clean and feeling light, vibrant and sexy. With that said,  this cleanse is meant to be managable and attainable for all of us. Each participant is allowed 4 cheat days (average of 1 per week, but you can use them at any time).

gut3-445155Choose your cheat days wisely my friends. You should still eat healthy on the cheat days but you can stray away from the plan a bit. If you sign up for the accountability program, I’ll be checking in to see just how bad you’re cheating. If its just too awful, I might just have to put an end to it.  If you booze cheat, limit yourself to 2 drinks and try to keep it on the healthier side. My top recommendations for booze cheats are red wine (organic is even better), or clear liquor like gin or vodka with soda and fresh citrus. You can cheat with the food too, but again keep it reasonable. Don’t go eatin’ waffles and bacon for breakfast, a double decker burger for lunch, and an entire pizza for dinner. An example of a reasonable cheat would be avocado toast, a sweet potato black bean burrito (my favorite is from Taco Tantos in Kent and Lakewood), or 2 pieces of veggie pizza and a glass of red wine. You can begin the Springing Sexy Back Cleanse whenever you’re ready. I will be leading a group cleanse that begins Sunday April 10th and finishes up on Sunday May 8th (28 day cleanse). Join our Facebook group here. If you’re looking for even more support and accountability sign up for my Text Message Motivational/Accountability Package. 

Now lets bring sexy back together!!!  Here we go! Let’s do this!

All my love and support,

Lil Miss Wellness

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