Power to the Pasta!

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Most Pasta = Inflammatory Refined Carbohydrates that do nothing for us but spike our blood sugar, pack on the pounds and flood the body with inflammation.   Inflammation is the bodies natural method of healing itself in response to injury or a harmful substance.  It can manifest itself in the form of joint pain, irritated skin, and body aches.  Studies have shown that some foods such as refined carbohydrates (like white bread and pasta) and saturated animal fat can cause inflammation, while other foods like fruits, vegetables and omega 3 fatty acids can reduce inflammation. Inflammation in the body is linked to arthritis, obesity, diabetes, cancer  and other undesirable conditions. So, since most pastas are refined carbohydrates, Most Pasta = Bad News for the Body 🙁

So, if I told you that pasta can be good for you, would you believe me? Well, it just so turns out that your pasta loving pal, Lil Miss Wellness found a pasta that is!

Organic Edamame & Mung Bean Pasta


Organic Edamame and Mung Bean Pasta! , Yes, it’s true. Pasta I love you. The best part – it has 24 grams of protein for a 2 oz serving! Hard to believe, isn’t it? Most pasta has no more than 5 grams of protein. This delicious pasta packs 10 grams of fiber per serving and has only  19 grams of carbohydrates – much lower in carbs than your typical pastas which usually have around 45 -50 grams of carbs. It also provides 30% of your daily value of iron.

This lovely pasta is gluten free, organic, vegan, and kosher.

I have been enjoying this pasta for quite some time now and I am excited to share it with you. I love to eat it with my Homemade Veggie Marinara Sauce or my Garlicy Avocado Oil Sauce.  Topped with some fresh ground pepper, and served with an organic green salad, it is simply divine darling!  Sauce recipes coming soon.

Organic Edamame and Mung Bean Pasta is by Explore Asian Authentic Cuisine.  Check them out here! Look for their gourmet pastas at  your local natural health-food store.  I get mine from Mustard  Seed Market in Akron, Ohio.  Mustard Seed is my favorite health-food store.  It is family owned and operated by my good friends, The Nabors.  They are passionate about keeping their customers healthy with only the highest quality health foods and supplements. Mustard Seed has a location in Solon, Ohio as well. Check them out!


Organic Edamame & Mung Bean Pasta

Serving Size – 2 oz

Protein – 24 g

Fiber – 10 g

Carbs – 19 g

Sodium – 4 g

Iron – 30% DV

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Now, go enjoy some pasta!


Lil Miss Wellness

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