Local Spotlight – Town Hall (Ohio City, Cleveland)

th logoHey friends. Every now and then, I will do a LOCAL SPOTLIGHT blog post. These posts will highlight Lil Miss Wellness’s favorite spots around town that feature healthy options to make us feel on top of the trees 🙂

For this post, I will feature Town Hall, located in Cleveland’s Ohio City. This place truly rules!! — A rustic, modern, foodie’s paradise.


It’s a Hybrid:  Restaurant/Craft beer – Cocktail Lounge/Cafe/Smoothie-Juice bar.  (Woah!  Sensory overload right?!)  Town Hall has it all! (Gahh.. I’m so poetic).

The decor is simply beautiful–earthy wood, exposed brick, cozy booths made from burlap sacks, a garage door window overlooking West 25th Street….  The urban cafe’s relaxing vibes are enhanced with live plants, board games and magazines. Town Hall serves only organic, non-gmo coffee. This is great news considering that conventional coffee is one of the most contaminated crops on the planet. Ew! (Take note: If you are going to drink coffee, make sure it is organic. Nobody needs to start the morning off with a dose of pesticides).

So, yeah, Town Hall is a rather large establishment. The cafe area has that coffee shop, chill vibe and then the bar has that eclectic, classy lounge feel. You can order food, booze, coffee, or juice on either side until 2am seven days a week. Check out Vegan Mondays 5-10pm for their special vegan menu. They also feature a paleo night on Wednesdays.  Bonus: Brunch on the weekends that includes lots of vegan options including Create Your Own Crepes! 

Every time I visit, I receive excellent, friendly service. I was extremely impressed when I asked the manager for a glass of water, and he replied, “Filtered or Reverse Osmosis?”  Even their water is pure! This is awesome because tap water is contaminated with all kinds of icky things like  chlorine, lead, arsenic, pharmaceutical drugs, and other disturbing things that we don’t want to drink! Town Hall is on top of it with their state of the art filtration system.

Going out for drinks with friends but trying to lay low on the booze? TH has gotcha covered! Order an organic smoothie or juice. Shots anyone? Wheatgrass please 🙂 The menu is extremely accommodating to those of us with specific dietary preferences. Across the top of the menu are those convenient little symbols that let us know which items are vegan, gluten free, or paleo.  Town Hall uses only organic produce and is striving for a 100% Non GMO menu, hence the Town Hall GMO Project that was launched early last year and will be complete by December 31, 2014. Yep,  that means no GMOS will be allowed in Town Hall come 2015!

What in the heck is a GMO?  Well…that’s a Genetically Modified Organism.  “A GMO is the result of a laboratory process where genes from the DNA of one species are extracted and artificially forced into the genes of an unrelated plant or animal” (Institute for Responsible Technology – responsibletechnology.org).

The Environmental Working Group states that GMOs are found in more than 75% of our food supply.  The scary thing – we don’t even know which ones!  More than 60 nations, including the European Union countries, Australia, Russia, Japan and China require labeling of GMOs on food products. — The U.S. has no such requirement. Americans are left in the dark as to whether the foods they are eating have been genetically modified or not.

So, what’s the big deal? GMOs are not natural, and have not been proven safe.  Many crops are genetically engineered to withstand high doses of pesticides like Roundup.  Roundup has been linked to birth defects, kidney disease, and cancer. (Truth-out.org) Great!!! Lets spray that crap all over our food right?  Umm…no!


Bottom line. GMOs are whack  and Town Hall and LiL Miss Wellness have got your back. Town Hall is located at 1909 West 25th St.  in the heart of Ohio City.  Check it out. Townhallohiocity.com

We’ll talk more about these weird GMOs later.

For now, go enjoy an organic smoothie and a delicious meal at Town Hall.  Tell them Lil Miss Wellness sent you. 🙂 Then, check out the informative documentary, Generic Roulette. The film provides critical information on how you can protect you and your family from unnatural  scary stuff in your food.

Talk to you soon!


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