Lil Miss Wellness Teaches 80s Aerobics at a Bar?!

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Yes, it’s true. I do, I do. Every Tuesday night at 8pm we get geared up in our leotards, leg warmers, and sweatbands and head to Thursdays Lounge in Akron for a heart pumping work out.  I call it Bar-Robics. And quite frankly, I felt it was my duty to define it. So here it is:

BAR-ROBICS: (Bar-Ro-Biks)
1: physical exercise that includes stretch, strength and cardiovascular activity performed at a bar (an establishment where alcoholic beverages are served). Can be performed sober or intoxicated.


We do it up like Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons – Sweatin’ to the beats of The Cure, Paula Abdul, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and other sweet 80s jams!

Aerobics at a bar, you ask?!  Well, I love to help people make healthier choices. I’m a health nut at heart and a rational health nut at that.  I figure drinking and exercising is healthier than drinking and sitting on a bar stool. Wouldn’t you agree?  Lil Miss Wellness recommends exercising sober but if you are going to drink alcohol, it’s healthier if you exercise while doing it! 🙂

Gotcha there, didn’t I? 🙂

Booze infused or sober–I leave it up to the participants.

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Class is boot camp style and open to all levels. No coordination skills necessary. The choreography is made up of simple moves like side bends, leg lifts, knee ups, etc. But, don’t be fooled–you will get an intense work out. We alternate bouts of cardio and strength training to rev up your metabolism.

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Grab your leotard and legwarmers and join us on Tuesday at 8! Cost is $5. Bring a mat and pair of light dumbbells.

See you there. No Excuses. For now, here’s a poem:


80s Aerobics is really great

We do it up – on Tuesdays at eight

Get off your bar stool and move a bit

Reward in itself, you’ll be real fit

Spandex and sweatbands are very rad

Exercise makes a body glad!



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**Special thanks to my super rad Dj pal and owner of Thursdays Lounge, Mario Nemer, for hosting us!

**Stick around after 80s Aerobics for Hula Hoop Dancing.



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