6 Tips to Feel Better When You’ve got a Case of the Blahs


Guys I gotta tell ya, I was feeling pretty crappy for a second there. I don’t know if it was the winter blahs or what but I was just feeling low energy and down.  I was struggling with insomnia and on top of that my hormones seemed all out of whack (irregular periods, mood swings, etc). My skin looked dull and I noticed dark veins under my eyes. I was feeling self conscious about it, and that was bumming me out even more. I wasn’t feeling like Lil Miss Wellness at all. Here is what I did about it. I present to you, my 6 Tips to Help You Feel Better When You’re Feeling Stressed Out, Run Down, or Just Have a Case of the Blahs.


1. Treat Cho Self! – I wasn’t going to let that run down look and feeling win me over, so I did something about it. I decided to do some things to make myself simply feel good. I booked myself a massage. I’m not Lil Miss Money Bags over here, but I decided … Baby I’m worth it. Give it to me I’m worth it!   (Click link to watch video about being worth it) I was going to find a way to make it happen. I found a massage groupon for $35, and I went for it. I haven’t used it yet but just knowing that I have that luxurious evening awaiting me makes me feel better already. I’m going to take myself out to one of my favorite Cleveland  juice bars after my massage to kick the feeling good up a notch. My favorite Cleveland juice bars are Anna in The Raw, Beet Jar, Restore Cold Pressed, and Daily Press Juicery (lol, okay I think thats actually every single juice bar in Cleveland). Another way that I love to treat myself is a wellness bath.
I draw a hot bath  and infuse it with lavender essential oil, honey, lemon, and coconut oil. I light some candles and put on the spa music (pandora spa station). I soak in the hot water, and take in the intoxicating aromas and just relax. Try it. You’ll love it!

2. Crank on Some Uplifting Tunes and get Moving – Every day I put on my head phones and listen to high energy music. Lately I’ve been listening to the Thomas Jack pandora station. 800061198_130W_130HI set the timer on my phone for 20 minutes and I commit to moving for 20 minutes straight. It doesn’t matter what I do, as long as I’m moving.  I purchased a miniature trampoline on craigslist and its been my new favorite way to exercise. I groove to my tunes and do whatever I feel like. I jump, I squat, do sit-ups, hula hoop, and dance! Seriously guys, try this. Every day, after my 20 minute session, I feel happy and have more energy! My boyfriend keeps telling me I look more toned, so thats making me feel even better!  (It’s working muahahahaha) It’s so important to make time for yourself people. Make it happen!

3. Hang upside down – We have a slant board, inversion table thing at home, so I decided to try it out and see if there really are benefits to hanging upside down. Proponents claim that you get more oxygen flow to your brain, and it makes you feel better. They also claim it improves your posture and skin. Sounds good to me! If you don’t have a slant board you can hang upside down from the couch or the bed. If you’re real slick, do a head stand. My skin has been brighter and the veins under my eyes are getting less noticeable. I even had someone tell me that I looked “beautiful and glowing” the first day that I hung upside down for 10 minutes! 🙂 I’ll take it!


4. Make Time for Fun – Something that I’ve realized about Aunt Jenna (Thats what I call myself sometimes) over the years is that I need to have things on my calendar to look forward to. Whether it be a fun date with the bf, a night out with friends, a concert, a hike, a dance party,  or a road trip, there’s got to be some excitement  in sight. Sometimes I take my lap top and my calendar to the coffee shop and I search for fun things to do to add to my calendar. I have recurring weekly and monthly events plotted on my phone calendar. For example, First Fridays are Mix at Cleveland Museum of Art. Second Fridays are Tremont Art Walk. Third Fridays are Damn Girl (a super rad dance party my friend Djs in Columbus). 12715443_1005792092819826_2219439440174794647_nEvery Wednesday night, Cleveland Museum of Art is open until 9pm so I often stop by to view some art and do dinner and drinks somewhere cool afterwards. If you live in the Cleveland, Ohio area now you have some ideas for some fun. If not, find out about some cool things going on in your area and jot them down on the calendar.

5. Correct any Imbalances – For as long as I can remember, I’ve been plagued by insomnia.  Sometimes its worse than others and lately it had been flaring up like crazy. It was really effecting my life. I felt terrible almost every day due to lack of sleep. Thats when I got fed up and realized that I had some sort of imbalance that I needed to correct. After some research, I learned that magnesium deficieny is a common cause of insomnia. I found out that a supplement called Calm is one of the most bioavailable forms of Magnesium, so I amazon primed a bottle to my door. It has dramatically improved my sleep and also helps with stress and anxiety. I feel so much better. Another issue I was dealing with is a female hormone imbalance. I have very irregular periods and feel extremely moody and emotional around that time of the month. Since my cycle was so irregular, I never knew if I was just having a nervous break down, going nuts, or starting my lady cycle. I bought some maca, which is an amazonian superfood known to balance hormones, boost libido, and increase energy. I also bought some dulse flakes, a sea vegetable high in iodine. Apparently many of us are deficient in iodine due to the mineral depleted soil our food is grown in. Iodine deficieny causes the thyroid to malfunction which regulates hormones. My point here is, if you are feeling crappy do some research and figure out how you can correct any imbalances, so that you can feel your best.


6. Strive to Eat Healthier – Not gonna lie a couple weeks ago I binged and ate an entire calzone (thats um a medium pizza folded in half). I also sipped on an IPA along with my whole pizza. My friend and I took the boston terriers to this really great pizza place in West Cleveland called Edisons.  They allow doggies,  so its a great place to go when you want some hang time with your furry pals. But um back to my binge. Ahem. Look theres nothing wrong with going out and enjoying some comfort food or drinks in moderation but if you over do it, it can really throw your body out of whack. Refined carbs spike your blood sugar and flood your body with immflamation, which causes a whole host of problems including joint pain, skin issues, headaches, mood swings, high blood pressure, blood sugar spikes, etc.  I know that its not realistic for me to vow to never eat pizza or have beer again but in the future maybe a fourth of the calzone will do. Stock your kitchen up with healthy foods so that you can stay satiated on nutritious foods. A great way to start every day with a dose of vitamins and minerals is a fruit and greens smoothie. If you regularly fill up on health foods, it will be easier to practice moderation when confronted with a comfort food craving. I just bought these new paleo wraps that are made from coconut meat. I’ve been making delicious wraps with avocado, shredded carrots, lettuce, tomato, and  homemade lemon-herb vinaigrette. I’ve also been making huge pots of vegetable stew that last a few days. It makes it easier because I have a filling meal to grab at any time. When you do crave your favorite comfort foods, just have a little at a time.

Alrighty it looks like we’re out of time but now you’ve got  6 new ways to Dr. yourself into feeling better next time you’re feeling blah. To sum it up, Treat Yourself with things that make you feel good like massage, yoga, a luxurious bath, a new outfit, or whatever floods you with those feel good vibes. Exercise for 20 minutes each day to some energizing background music. Make it fun. Dance your face off, maybe get a mini trampoline.  Try hanging upside down for an oxygen rush to the head. Plan fun events like concerts, movies, dance parties, or whatever you find fun into your schedule. Strive to correct any imbalances that you may have. If your body is telling you something is wrong, get some tests, do some research and address it. And lastly,  Eat Healthy. Minimize junk food and maximize those foods that are highly nutritious and are going to keep you feeling energetic and healthy.

Try out those tips and let me know how they work for you. What are your favorite ways to feel better when you’re feeling less than your best? Post them in the comment section below.

Chao. Love you guys,


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